Testimonials Provided by Our Clients

Attended a short sale class recently and was informed that only between15% – 20% of all short sales contracted in the state of Maryland make it to settlement. It was indeed a pleasure working with you on this transaction. Cogburn Law Offices’ team was the most competent and pleasant I have worked with. On most of the short sales in my files, I feel forgotten but Arcelia kept me informed at all times. – A. Gue

A big weight was taken off our shoulders. Cogburn Law Offices handled the process very quickly. We thought it would take more than (9) months to accomplish the short sale. The process went from October to March. I am so pleased that we referred several clients to Cogburn Law Offices. – Michael

I was very pleased with the success of our short sale. Cogburn Law Offices was very helpful and provided excellent communication and service during the process. – Mrs. Daniel Pecora

Jamie Cogburn answered all my emails as did others in leadership at Cogburn Law Offices. All my concerned issues were addressed. – Sheila

Please express our thanks to your whole team at Cogburn Law Offices. All of you have demonstrated an exemplary commitment to your clients with great professionalism. Veronica Lopez was especially kind, helpful and encouraging. Thanks a million. – The Navarros’

I want to thank Cogburn Law Offices for always answering my questions, staying on top of it, and I will refer you to all my friends! – Mr. Runyon

Julia, I want to thank you for your hard work and dedication! You were always very kind and patient with me, especially when I was freaking out!!! You’re a good lady and I appreciate you! – Traci Nyborg

I want to thank everyone at Cogburn for the success of my short sale. I signed the papers this morning and wanted to let you all know that you are wonderful and I will keep the referrals coming….Good Job Team!!!! – Clyde Worf

I was very pleased with using Cogburn Law Offices. The staff was very friendly as well as extremely knowledgeable. I was pleased to do business with you. – Randy

I recognized excellent communication Cogburn Law offices’ staff had. They were very informative, with excellent options and positive results. – Joshua

I was very pleased with Cogburn Law Offices. Your staff is very professional and helpful. I visited four different attorneys prior to choosing Cogburn Law Offices. By far, of the four visited, only Cogburn made me feel comfortable. – Tom and Gina

I was very satisfied with the process and the progress I experienced. Cogburn Law Offices is very professional and friendly. – Miranda

I was very pleased with the short sale success without having missed a payment. Cogburn Law Offices’ staff handled the process professionally and expediently. – Tom K.

I was pleased with the professionalism of Cogburn Law Offices’ staff. They provided professional services and continued attention to my case from beginning to end. – C. LeBeau

I was very satisfied with the success of my short sale. Everyone at Cogburn Law Offices is friendly. – Jason

I am really pleased with the staff at Cogburn Law Offices. We no longer live in Las Vegas and appreciate that we did not have to make a trip there to get the process completed. It was at our advantage that Cogburn emailed and telephoned us throughout the process. – S. Gilmore

I am totally satisfied with the success of my short sale. Cogburn Law Offices did exactly what they said they were going to do and the outcome was very successful. – Douglas

Consistent and timely follow up throughout the process. Communication with us was excellent. I did not know what to expect and Cogburn Law Offices’ staff was very good to explain everything to us. Also, post the short sale, the staff was incredibly nice to phone us. We have already referred Cogburn Law Offices to many people. – Kim

Dear Ms. Finnegan, I just wanted to write you a short note to express my sincere thanks to all of the great people who worked on my short sale at Cogburn Law. Especially, I want to thank Heather Wesolowski and Karla McMillen for being there for me every step of the way answering any questions I had.

They both handled my case professionally, compassionately and in a very timely manner. Any questions I had were always answered with courtesy and professionalism and in an expedient fashion that makes a complicated process seem very easy with the right people dedicated and focused on each part of the process.

Thank you very much again and Keep up the good work! – P.K.

First things first, thank you all so very much for making this happen. This means the world to my family and me! I have never before seen such a well-coordinated and efficient rush to the finish line! THANK YOU. – Matthew

Rhonda was terrific in handling my case. She was very professional and clearly was an advocate for her client. Once negotiations began, the process was timely and thorough. We felt confident that the end was soon in sight…and it was! – S.H.

Thanks to Cogburn Law I was able to get my mortgage payment down and on a fixed 40 year loan Karla, the representative ,was honest and up front right away. I have already referred my family to Cogburn and would openly refer them to everyone I know. I love how they literally spend hours collecting information and researching your case from every angle before you ever spend a dime with them. Cogburn has truly changed my family’s future. A warm and sincere Thank You Cogburn Law! – Dustin

Cogburn Law took care of everything. I was surprised at how little I had to do other than give them some paperwork. Cogburn took all the worry from me and took care of my short sale. – Joshua

You guys are wonderful at Cogburn Law. You made the process quite painless…you took our burden on yourself. I am serious when I say that you are fabulous and I talk about Cogburn Law every chance I get. – K. Smith

Thank you so much Ms. Vanderbeke! Just received your voice-mail as well. Sorry I missed your call. I was attending to my son. I appreciate everything you and the other representatives at the Coburn law offices have done for my family and me. Everyone has made this difficult situation a very smooth transition. This will help tremendously with our financial situation. I will be waiting for Ms. McMillen’s call. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to expedite the process. I thank you again! – Karla

I appreciate the Cogburn Staff. They were friendly when I called for updates, as this was a very painful process. They kept me informed and, never let me feel that I was inconveniencing them throughout the entire process. The Cogburn Team did a great job! – Mrs. Baker

Jennifer Deschacht was very instrumental with the success of our short sale. I cannot say enough nice things about Jennifer of Cogburn Law Office. She persevered throughout the process and, helped me when I was stressed. – Anonymous

You are wonderful Veronica Lopez and we appreciate you so much. How amazing and diligent you were with everything. – Shelly

Thanks so much! I am so glad you and your team have been able to make the short sale happen for me. I’m especially appreciative of your leadership in getting things done. You did a great job at stopping the foreclosure process and I am hopeful that it will stay that way until the end. – Roy

Thank you Jennifer Vanderbeke for always keeping me informed and for getting my short sale approved. You do excellent work! – Jenny

Andriette, I want to thank you for all you did for me. I realize it’s your job, but I still really, really appreciate it. – Anonymous

I speak very highly of your office and will gladly refer you to anyone who needs help. – Stephanie

Sandra, We don’t have enough words to express our Thanks to you! You gave us comfort in a stressful time. All the work you did with all my annoying emails… you took in stride with kindness. You were truly a gift to us and we will never forget you. I will definitely recommend you and Cogburn Law to anyone I know. You were a pleasure and, from the bottom of our hearts…Thank You! – The Oddos’

Through your kindness and pleasant demeanor, you always made us feel at ease and managed to bring a tremendous sense of comfort to us. You displayed a high level of professionalism by always returning our phone calls and responding to our emails very promptly. You were patient when answering our questions and, when need arose, you were always willing to meet with us face to face, even on a very short notice. Thank you for all you do to help Nevada residents. With our best wishes and deepest gratitude. – Joanna & Robert

Jose, I was extremely happy with the outcome of our loan modification request. I know that we would not have been successful without your help. I whole-heartedly Recommend Cogburn Law Offices to take the stress out of the process. – Mike

Hi Jennifer, thank you very much for all of your work. We absolutely appreciate it. I have been recommending Cogburn Law to anyone who asks me. Again, thank you! – Tom

Cogburn Law Offices accomplished this within a few months. I had previously tried to get a short sale with the bank and mortgage provider for two years and finally went to Cogburn Law. – Cassandra

Hi Norma, Finally!!! We are so appreciative for the help your office, especially you, have provided us. I honestly couldn’t imagine having to deal with the bank without you and your expertise. You are the best!!! I will be sending a letter to Mr. Cogburn, telling him how wonderful and competent you are as well. Again, Norma, thanks so much. I will kinda miss working with you…but I’m glad it’s over. Keep up the great work! – Fred and Laura

All I can say is that Jennifer and Austin are really good! I wasn’t expecting this to be so fast! You both are a ridiculously good team. Thank you so much for all your hard work!!!. – Penny

Our short sale took a little longer than we anticipated but that was because of the bank. We are pretty happy with the work you do at Cogburn. We were especially impressed with Jamie when he personally met with us and responded to my emails. He also provided additional guidance which pleased us as well. – P. P.

Oh Jen, I just gave a loud scream OMG!!! I am so happy, my heart is beating fast. And yes, I am very grateful of no out of pocket money. I prayed so hard that it would be minimal expense to me and my prayers were answered 100 fold. Thank you for your hard work and for keeping me “sane” for the past year. My “thank you” seems so small compared to all you’ve done, but it comes from my heart.” – Burma

Thank you Norma. I am so relieved that my family did not have to move and I can afford my home. Being home poor is a position that I thought I would never have to face. I will recommend Cogburn Law to everyone that is in my position. You really saved me and my family from the humiliation of losing our home. I am forever grateful. – Rose

The results went way beyond my expectations. I was very shocked with the wonderful outcome. I’m not the only happy one, my dad is very pleased with his outcome as well. – Mark Ohriner

I wanted to write you personally to express my gratitude for the work your firm is doing to save homes for families like us prior to calling your office, which I now consider a blessing. My wife and I were feeling quite helpless with a rather bleak outlook. We had lived in our house almost 12 years, moved in when it was brand new, having moved from out of state. We became very attached to it, landscaping and making it just the way we wanted it to be, it was our “castle” and we felt secure here.

Financial circumstances were taking it’s toll and threatening to take all of that. The bank was giving us the run around, if and when they would answer our calls. They even had our home mortgage classified as a second mortgage. The lack of communication and an unwillingness to help, led to much anxiety, hopelessness and despair. Then I spoke with my initial contact with Cogburn, Len Julian. He immediately gave me a new sense of hope and confidence. The entire process, from getting the mortgage back into the first lien position through the modification was actually a breeze, or at least that’s how Norma Teran made it seem. Her calming demeanor (even when the bank was being “difficult”), expertise, and cognizance of our individual situation, gave us confidence and a renewed hope that we would remain in our home. I told her as our loan was in the final stage of modification, I’d miss working with her and I honestly meant it. I believe she is a great asset to your firm and we feel lucky she was assigned to our case. Today, as I finished my yard work and my wife finished planting her flowers, we shared a smile, because we feel that sense of security for a very long time with a great modification that Cogburn Law helped us to bring about. Again thank you so much for all you do. – Fred

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