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Are your mortgage payments weighing you down? You now have options!

However, you must act fast. Time is running out for homeowners to avoid huge tax penalties. We can assist you today, contact us immediately.

Las Vegas Short Sale Reno

Option 1:

Short sale your home today and buy a new home tomorrow.

From the initial assessment of the mortgage status and loan terms, to making sure a lender isn’t pursuing you for years for an outstanding mortgage balance, Cogburn Law Offices offers comprehensive legal services for your Las Vegas/Reno short sale.

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Reduce Principal and Stay In Your Home

Option 2:

Reduce your principal and stay in your current home.

Our loan modification services will get you current on your mortgage, but they will also ensure that you can stay current on that mortgage. You will emerge with a fixed interest rate and a lower monthly payment.

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What Our Clients Say…

I was very pleased with the success of our short sale. Cogburn Law Offices was very helpful and provided excellent communication and service during the process. – Mrs. Daniel Pecora

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